Oct 06

Today Brooke and Lisa two hot MILFs were on the beach getting a little tan while their husbands were out and about doing there man things.So after their tanning session these nasty ladies decided to have a few drinks and relax a bit back at the beach condo.

Lesbian MILFs In Bikinis At The Beach Get It On

I guess the liquor got them turned on and one thing led to another. Before you knew it they were exchanging some friendly kisses and the ice cubes from their drinks. These two hotties just love their big store bought titties. They took off their bikini tops to compare boob jobs.

Brooke loved the natural look of Lisa’s big tits. She couldn’t resist any longer. She told Lisa that she wanted to fuck her with her new strap on dildo. To her surprise Lisa said “lets to it nasty girl” and away they went. They made love for a couple of hours until the boys came home and claimed these two big boobed bikini MILF ladies.

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