Mar 23

Beachmodel Rain Cute, Sexy, Bikini Model With Hairy Nipples

We have a very rare and interesting beach model here today. Her name is Rain and she has a very interesting condition. Her nipples have long hair around them. I think she is a very pretty girl, but I am just not quite sure about those hairy nipples. What do you think? Here you have a hairless pussy and hairy tits. You don’t see that very often.

Sexy Rain is posing in a small pink micro bikini in the cave at the beach in California. We get the classic high and low angle shots of her incredible body and her thong bikini. She does pull her bikini to the side to show us her hairy nipples and shaved pussy in detail.

So what do think? Is she hot? Is she sexy? Would her hairy tits turn you off and keep you from doing her? Give me your thoughts.

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