Jan 02

Its been a while since we have featured a bad ass redhead bikini model and today we definitely have one hot and nasty redhead for you. Jamie Lynn has a fantastic bikini hard body to go along with her beautiful long red hair.

What are you going to say when a hot and sexy redhead says “I want to get naked and nasty for you”? I say, come on over girl, lets do it, and I get my camera out. When fiery redhead Jamie Lynn showed up at the door she was already looking pretty naughty in her tight boy shorts and sheer white tank top. You could clearly see her nipples on her big natural tits through her tank top. She grabbed my crotch and said “give me a bikini big boy”. Of coarse I obliged.

Once Jamie changed into the brown floral bikini we headed out to the pool. I started to take pictures of her sexy little round ass as she got her things situated. Jamie Lynn has big natural boobs but the under-wire bikini top made them look huge. Holy Fuck-a-moly, what a set of rockets on this girl. After a few swigs of her vodka and orange juice we got down to business.

Jamie ran her fingers through her long red hair as she rubbed her tight sexy hard body with her other hand. She alternated between squeezing her big tits and rubbing her flat stomach and pussy as she moved from pose to pose. She is great with her nasty come fuck me expressions. This babe just looks nasty all of the time. She turned around, stuck her hot little ass out and spanked herself. Little Seymore stood up at attention.

Jamie Lynn undid her bikini top and teased as she took it off, first holding it over her big boobs, then letting me sneak a little peek of her big nipple. Finally she relented and and took it all of the way off. She took both hands and pinched her big silver dollar nipples and made them hard as she flopped those big puppy’s of hers up and down. So damn nice. After Jamie was topless and her nipple were hard as rocks she untied the side of her bikini bottoms and flashed me her pussy. Her pussy is not completely shaved, she has a small pubic hair patch above her pussy lips. Get over to Jimmy Canon to see the rest of my shoot with Jamie Lynn. She is one smoking hot redhead and she got real nasty once she was naked with me.


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