Aug 05

I’m Louise Glover, Since I was a small girl I would look through fashion magazines at all the sexy women and just knew that when I was old enough that was right where I wanted to be…in front of a camera! I’ve always been very involved in sports, and I remain a fitness buff. It feels wonderful to show off my body, and have people appreciate it.

Leopard pattern thong bikini on Louise Glover from MySpace

I think of myself as happy, confident, caring, generous, and funny. The health and happiness of my friends and family is related to my own happiness. I like to feel secure. I enjoy long hot baths, banana milkshakes, and I avoid vegetables whenever possible. I do personal training, as well as my own, and I love to Scuba.

I’m an old fashioned girl. I like to be romanced. I look for honesty, humour, and spontaneity in a man. I need someone who will trust and support me. Although I’m straight, I think women are beautiful, what isn’t there to like about them? I’m a one man women, and when I’m with that one I am very passionate.

I’ve had a wonderful time posing for you, and working with Twistys. Please check me out on myspace. I appreciate every one of you! I hope you like what you see.

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