May 13

Marley In Her Teardrop Micro Bikini Gets Fucked In The Ass On The SS Stabbin Boat

Today Josh was at the beach about to go surfing when he met this hot red head Marley who was just on the beach sunning and hanging out. All of a sudden the waves seemed to go flat and naughty ideas started coming to mind. So Josh convinced Marley to join us for a cruise around the bay on the SS Stabbin boat. And cruise we did!

Marley got very comfortable and before you know it she was giving my boy Josh a massage and rubbing his cock over his shorts. He returned the favor and before long he was fingering her wet shaved pussy and ass.

The next thing I know Marley and Josh are nude and she has his dick half way down her throat. They must have fucked in every position known to man. Josh even gave her a hard ass fucking before he came all over her pretty face and little boobs.


Nov 24


Mike In Brazil Bikini Sex Babe Quezia

This Brazilian bikini girls name is quite unique. Her name is Quezia. Tony met her by a refreshment stand at the beach. He could not help but notice her hot bikini body and big spank-able ass. He offered to buy her a drink and got to know her a little bit. Tony knew he just wanted to get a piece of this hot sexy bikini babes ass.

Quezia said she was just out to have a good time, work on her tan, and enjoy the sun. We told her she could take off her bikini and sunbathe in the nude back at our pool and work on her total all over tan. Tony said that we wouldn’t look unless she wanted us to.

She took the bait and we headed back to the house for some hardcore partying. Quezia grabbed on to Tony’s cock as soon as we got into the backyard. This girl rode dick like a pro and sucked him off good. Enjoy!

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