Sep 11

Hi bikini lovers. I thought I would share this little video of a couple of sexy coeds at spring break. These two bikini hotties are having a lot of fun playing with whipped cream. Watch as the one on top rubs the whipped cream all over the girl on bottom and licks it of her boobs as she rubs and plays with them. All of this in front of a huge crowd that is cheering them on.

Here is a spring break video. Two bikini girls in a bikini contest putting on a real performance. Watch those college girl titties bounce as the shake those asses.

Aug 16

New today are these fantastic candid beach pictures including the one below of three college girls in their bikinis at Spring Break. CandidOgraphy forum has brand new candid beach pictures post daily.

Three teen College girls at the beach during Spring Break is sexy bikinis

It looks like most if not all of the candid pictures in this gallery are from Spring Break. There are several that were taken in night clubs at night as well as the bikini beach pictures that we have come to love. I really like the club pictures when the girls are playing with each other and kissing. 🙂

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