Jan 10

Exotic busty Latina bikini model Naomi wanted to get topless at the beach. I put her in a shiny sexy red slingshot bikini to show off her incredible big tits and fine round ass.

Naomi posed for some regular sexy bikini beach photos, but she didn’t keep those big boobs of hers covered for very long. She wanted all of the nasty men at the beach to see her naked body. She said it really turned her on to be nude in public and that her fantasy was having sex on a public beach.

Her huge tits looked awesome when she pulled the slingshot straps to the side. She has fantastic hard nipples to go along with those nice big fun bags of hers. The shiny red slingshot looked nasty pulled tight over Naomi’s sexy pussy. Her big round ass was amazing as the back strap pulled in deep between her firm ass cheeks.

Naomi got down on her stomach and rubbed her big knockers into the white sand. When she came back up her hard nipples were covered with sand. She looks so beautiful with her big smile and those large sandy tits. Bikini bodies don’t cum much better than Naomi’s smoking hot hard body. This Latina girl was built for bikinis. Enjoy these free nasty bikini pics of Naomi getting topless at the beach. Ten get your ass over to Bikini Dream and see more of this sexy bikini babe and tons of hot bikini babes.

Dec 20

We took our hot big ass Latina model Pam Rodriguez down to the beach today to take some sexy bikini pictures for her web site. She already had her new velour bikini on when I picked her up. She just wore a small mini dress over it. When we walked into Starbucks the guys all stared and practically slobbered all over themselves as they checked out Pam’s awesome busty figure and her big round ass hanging out under her mini dress. The mini dress was not covering much of her big tits and ass.┬áPam had her Starbucks coffee and was raring to go hit the beach and get naughty.

I am always trying to figure out a way to get Pam Rodriguez nude. I thought today just might be the day because she had been talking about finally doing it as we drove over to the beach. To start out with Pam had her velour bandeau bikini top pulled up high on her big tits. The first shots show a lot of big Latina under boobage. Her big boobs are so firm, they just stand up load and proud on her chest as she struts her sexy stuff.

Sexy Bikini babe Pam turned around and pulled her bikini bottom together like a thong giving me some awesome shots of her bare ass cheeks glowing in the hot sun. Her big Latina ass looked magnificent. She got down on all fours in the warm sand, she shook her big titties and bounced her booty up and down like she was fucking her stud cowgirl style. Pretty sexy stuff right there.

Pam stood up on her knees and took off her bikini top. Those big ass titties looked incredible before she put her arm over her big nipples. With her free hand she scooped up a handful of sand and let it run down her chest between her big Latina boobs like a little river of sand. So sexy. Then she laid down on her stomach on the warm sand. The sides of her topless boobs bulged out around her ribs. When she got back up her big rockets had left big craters in the sand. Perfect impressions of her huge Latina tits and nipples. To finish up the shoot Pam put her back to the camera and pulled her bikini bottom down on her sand ass to expose the top of her ass crack. Now that is what I like to call Sandy Crack. I love it.

Well, I didn’t get to shoot any pictures of Pam Rodriguez nude today, but I did get some topless pics pics of her rolling in the sand. I will keep working on her though. Hopefully soon enough I will get to share some real nude pics of Pam Rodriguez with all of her fans. Keep cumming back and stay tuned.

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