Aug 20

Evelin Rain has a classic, curvy bikini body and she loves to show her big boobs and curves in her colorful sheer bikini in the pool.

Evelin Rain is one sexy bikini babe.

Full Evelin Rain Sheer Bikini Gallery Here

Evelin was super excited when we gave her this amazing sheer bikini. She could hardly wait to put it on and get into the pool for our sexy photo and video shoot. She begins with some classic glamour girl bikini poses, but quickly gets excited and a little horny. Her nipples are hard and clearly visible thru the very sheer bikini top. When she sits on the edge of the pool, she lets those fun bags loose, flashing her big boobs for all to see.

After her fun boob flashing and topless posing, Evelin tugs on her bikini bottoms, pulling them out and giving us a peek at her smooth shaved pussy. Turning around, she pulls down her bottoms giving us a good look at her amazing bare ass. Once Evelin is completely nude, she gets down into the pool to cool off. As she stands back up, the water glistens as it runs over her her sexy big boobs and shaved pussy.


Evelin Rain shows off her amazing ass in her sheer thong bikini.

Nov 17

Check out these awesome naughty bikini babes at the beach sporting some very nasty crotch less one piece suits.


Get a load of those smooth shaved pussies as the girls walk along a public beach showing off their great tans and a little more for the horny guys at the beach.

All four girls have unique and different body styles, but they all look fantastic in these crotch less slingshot style bathing suits. In this gallery we get to see all four ladies from all different angles as they flaunt their privates for the beach public. If you love shaved pussy, there are tons of closeups of these naughty hotties coochies for our enjoyment. The thong style backs of these suits make for some beautiful bare ass shots too.



Nov 25

A good friend of mine came by for a few beers with his current squeeze Lexxie. As they came in I couldn’t help but check out her beautiful face, long blonde hair, and awesome tits & ass. Her nipples were hard and poking out in her sheer white tank top. Her tight pink short shorts hugged her ass like a glove and her puffy snatch made a nice camel toe against the thin stretch fabric. She seemed fun and I knew I wanted to get this girl into a micro bikini and get some pictures of her for you guys.

Lexxie Spreads Her Legs And Shows Her Camel Toe In This Micro Bikini

Once the first six pack was gone I went to the kitchen to get another one. My friend was zonked out on the couch. I grabbed a few of my new bikinis off of the table and brought them into the living room with me. I threw the bikinis on the coffee table as I set the beer down. Lexxie said “what are those?” as she picked one up with a big smile on her face. She said “those are so small, they would hardly cover anything“. I said “that’s the general idea. You wanna try one?”. “Fuck yeah” she said. Off to the bathroom she went to change. When Lexxie came out of the bathroom in the gold micro bikini I almost shit. She looked amazing. The bikini was a perfect fit in my professional opinion.

I grabbed my camera and said “lets go get some pictures” as I motioned towards the hot tub in the back yard. Lexxie almost beat me to the door. She jumped up on the edge of the hot tub and laid down on her stomach. I got a few shots of her face, cleavage, and butt as she smiled big for me. I asked her to sit up on the edge as I got right below her in the hot tub. I was shooting right up between her sexy legs as she straddled me. The gold micro bikini crept up between her pussy lips and made an amazing puffy camel toe. She grabbed the sides of the bikini bottom and pulled it up even tighter against her shaved snatch. She said “you like that view?”. “Fuck yeah Lexxie” keep it up I said. She turned around and pulled down her bikini bottoms giving me a clear shot at her bare ass. She took off her bikini top and squeezed as she covered her tits with her hands. She said “I can’t get naked, my boyfriend is here” as she giggled and played with herself. It was another good day in the neighborhood. I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Golden Blonde American Micro Bikini Girl Lexxie Looks Fabulous In This Photo

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