Oct 10

We busted out the white deep-v camel toe thong bikini special just for sexy blonde Ali. We knew that it would be the perfect swim suit to show off her incredible round ass and puffy shaved pussy lips. Ali just loved this bikini. She said it made her feel so sexy and a little bit naughty. She was ready to get wet.

Nasty Blonde Bikini Babe Ali Super Camel Toe Pussy

First we got some amazing shots of Ali oiling herself up in the hot Sothern California sunshine with some suntan lotion. It was awesome watching and shooting pictures as she rubbed her deep tanned body all over as the camera clicked away.

Once Ali was all oiled up it was time to get her sexy body into the shower for the rest of the photo shoot. Now this deep-v camel toe thong bikini is very sheer and it almost disappears when it gets wet. First we took some shots of her nice small tits as her hard nipples appeared through the sheer bikini top. As the water cascaded down over her hot body her pussy lips magically appeared through the this fabric. Oh what a sight to see.

Be sure to come and check out the rest of this photo set and the other hot sets we have of this blonde bombshell. You won’t be sorry gaurateed.

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