Jan 01

Bikini-Dare Model Paris Pink Sheer See Thru Micro Bikini

Happy New Year 2008 from Seymore Bikini Blog!

Lets start off the year with an EXCLUSIVE BIKINI GALLERY of a hot blonde at the beach from Bikini-Dare. Her name is Paris and she is wearing a tiny hot pink sheer micro bikini. She is one of the newer girls over at Bikini- Dare and went with them on their most recent trip to Sant Josep, Ibiza with a bunch of other nasty bikini babes.

First Paris goes over to the beach shower and takes a nice long hot shower right out in public view for everyone to see. She rubs her nice tan bikini clad body all over as she gets ready to hit the beach. This hot pink sheer micro bikini is hot. It is pretty transparent even when it is dry, but when it is wet it almost disappears and you can see right trough it. You can clearly see her smooth shaved pussy lips and firm hard nipples as she gets dripping wet in the shower.

Paris then heads on over to sand in front of the beach bar and sets up her beach chair in front of the bar patrons. She gives us some amazing poses showing off her tits, ass, and pussy in various poses. The folks at the bar loved it as the sat, drank, and watched our nasty little beach model show her stuff.

If you haven’t checked out the members section over at Bikini-Dare yet, you are really missing out. Click Here NOW to see the free tour and decide for yourself. Happy New Year!

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