Sep 11

Hi bikini lovers. I thought I would share this little video of a couple of sexy coeds at spring break. These two bikini hotties are having a lot of fun playing with whipped cream. Watch as the one on top rubs the whipped cream all over the girl on bottom and licks it of her boobs as she rubs and plays with them. All of this in front of a huge crowd that is cheering them on.

Here is a spring break video. Two bikini girls in a bikini contest putting on a real performance. Watch those college girl titties bounce as the shake those asses.

Mar 18

Spring Break 2008 College Bikini Girls Getting Nasty

Spring break 2008 is in full swing right now. Our crew is in South Padre Island all month taking 1000’s of pictures and videos of all of the fun and nasty action. With all of the college coeds and the models that we sent with them there is no shortage of debauchery to film.

We are updating almost every day live from Spring Break with the latest pics and videos of all of the bikini contests, wet t shirt contests and wild night club action at night. These college bikini girls just get drunk and wild and love to be filmed flashing their tits, asses, and pussies for the crowds.

Our own naughty college girl models are loving it at Spring Break and we are getting some very nasty lesbian sex action shots and videos of them doing each other. The girls are really into it this year, even more than the past few years which were really great too.


Dec 01

I was messing around doing some searches on Google today and I ran across some good bikini contests photos and I thought I would post some of them here for everyone. Click on the pix for the larger original picture.

itb 059 itb 058
I Just love these hot sexy bikini milfs with nice big tits! Oh yeah!

itb 099 itb 092
More Giant Boobs. The bikini girls waiting to go onstage for the contest.

itb 091 itb 123
Here are a few of the younger bikini contest contestants getting ready to show off their talents.

itb 267 itb 346
These bikini contest pics were taken at the Import Truck Bash.

itb 396 itb 411
There was a good mix of sexy milfs and hot bikini babes at this bikini contest.

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