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Welcome to my blog. I am Seymore Bikini (Not my real name obviously) and I am a true lover of the beautiful women in and out of their sexy bikinis. I have several free web sites dedicated to bikini picture and video galleries. My sites are some of the most visited daily in the bikini niche. I update these sites daily with fresh hot sexy micro bikini galleries and that keeps my loyal fans coming back day after day to see whats new.

I have had a thing for bikinis for many years. For some reason I just gravitated towards a preference for a women in a bikini as opposed to lingerie of completely nude. Don’t get me wrong, I love the female body no matter what. But there is just something with a beautiful babe wearing a hot sexy micro bikini. It gets me every-time.

I have been involved with bikini pictures and videos on the Internet since 1995. It seems lie it was just yesterday. I started in the news groups back then collecting photo files of bikini girls and eventually sharing some of my own candid photos of bikini babes that I took myself. I also did scanning for others of their candid beach shots for posting in the candid beach news group.

Eventually as the WWW became more popular I started a web site called Virtual Bikini & More. It was one of the first web sites dedicated to bikini & lingerie pictures on the web. It became very popular quickly and as it grew I had to move it from one web host to another as it was crashing the servers that it was on. Finally in 1999 I closed that site and took a few years off on the Internet publishing end.

In early 2003 I got started again by opening Bikini Party Girls and soon after that opened Bikini Devil. I have been continually updating and maintaining these two bikini sites constantly since then. Then in January 2007 I decided to open a couple of new extreme bikini websites with larger preview thumbs. I started with Wild Bikini Girls and shortly thereafter my name sake site Seymore Bikini opened. These new sites have grown very quickly and have surpassed Bikini Party Girls and Bikini Devil in daily visitors.

Here at the Seymore Bikini Blog I will be bringing you the very best and hottest picture and video galleries from the best and hottest bikini websites available. Many of these galleries will be exclusive to this blog and won’t be featured on any other sites on the web. So with that said, I hope you will come back on a regular basis and enjoy the sexy extreme bikini entertainment I will bring to you.

Thanks, Seymore Bikini

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  1. Dave Thompson Says:

    Love your site, found it through Havasu Doug, looks great keep up the great work.

  2. jack meoff Says:

    did you die seymore? change the focking picture already

  3. sufyan Says:

    i need such pics of tall girls

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Go go go!!!

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