Dec 13

When teen Nubile bikini girl Brynn showed up at my door I just about shot my load when I opened the door to this hot sexy blonde teen with beautiful blue eyes. It took me a minute to get my breath back before I invited her into the condo.

Brynn looked so shy and innocent, I was almost afraid to talk to her about all of the nasty dirty plans we had for her shoots that day. I just couldn’t imagine this fresh teen girl had much sexual experience since she just turned 18 last moth and she looked so soft and pure. Boy, was I ever wrong! As I explained the plan for her hardcore boy/girl shoot later in the day she perked right up. She told me that she had been having sex since she was 14 and once fucked 4 guys at the same time when she was only 16. So, we discussed the various shoots for the day and I gave her the orange bikini for the first one. Brynn went into the bathroom to change as I set up my equipment on the balcony.

When Brynn walked out wearing the tiny orange bikini I knew I was in for a real treat. This teen girls skin was so smooth and sexy and her petite build was perfect for nude modeling. I had her do some sexy standing bikini poses from the front and back. What a killer ass on this one. When I asked her to show me her teen tits, Brynn didn’t hesitate for a second. She popped those beautiful natural teen boobs out of her bikini top and asked me what I thought. I told her her boobs looked fantastic as she squeezed them with her hands and bounced them up and down for me.

Once my little nubile blonde had her bikini top off I had her push her natural boobs together with her arms. Brynn turned around and started to pull down her bikini bottoms. She gave me a big smile and pulled her ass hole and young shaved pussy wide open with both hands from behind. Oh what a sight to see that is. Tight teen ass and pussy up close and right in your face. She went ahead and pulled her bikini bottoms the rest of the way down and took them off by stepping out of them when they hit the deck.

Now that Brynn was nude she continued to pose and play with her petite teen body, She pinched her nipples hard as she shook her natural young boobs up and down. Shit, I thought she might pull her nipples right off of her tits she was pulling and shaking them so hard. Brynn seemed to really get off on this hard titty play, her tight shaved cunt was glistening wet as she raised her leg and opened it up for the camera. She finished up this set of pics squatting down and finger fucking herself and diddling her clit until she had a huge wet gushing orgasm. She squirted her teen pussy cum all over the balcony deck. This teen Nubiles girl is one nasty performer.


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