Nov 19

Stephanie and Nicole are two smoking hot teenage bikini models.  These girls came over today for some play time at the pool with their water guns.  Both of them are 18 years old and completely legal!  This is definitely one of the hottest and wettest shoots that I’ve had in quite a while!  Nicole and Stephanie both have natural perky tits, tight asses and fresh pussies!

By the time the girls were done playing…they were both dripping wet…so they decided that they’d each strip themselves of their bikinis.  Stephanie and Nicole were both getting really horny after seeing each other’s hot naked bodies.  Stephanie began to run Nicole’s nice, tiny tits.  Nicole returned the favor.  It didn’t take too much time until they were both licking each other’s perfect pussies.  A little pussy play wasn’t enough though.  These young teens were craving some dick!

After taking off my pants, Nicole was the first one to grab my piece of meat.  She really took control as she licked my nice, hard cock up and down.  Stephanie wanted to get naughty too so she came over to join Nicole and and I.  Imagine looking down at two not so innocent teens as they were both licking your dick and sucking on your balls.  I almost busted my nut right then and there, but I really wanted to fuck these two teenage bitches!

Stephanie’s pussy was so tight, wet and warm.  She took everything that I could offer into her dripping wet cunt.  Her puffy nipples weren’t so puffy anymore…they were hard as a rock!  After sliding up and down my large cock, Nicole pulled my cock out out of Stephanie’s fuck hole so that she could taste her pussy juice.  She loved it.  Stephanie came down for a taste as well.  Then…I think Nicole got a little bit jealous because I was about to blow my load!  She wanted to fuck too and she felt left out.

I knew that I wasn’t going to last much longer…so I bent Nicole over doggy style and slammed my cock into her tight pussy as fast and as violently as I could.  She was loving it and begging for more.  Both Stephanie and Nicole were both asking for my sweet, sticky cum.  I pulled out my cock, both girls got on their knees…and I blasted a ton of cum on each of their fresh faces!  Oh…what an amazing day at the pool!

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