Nov 12

When I took sexy lipstick lesbian bikini babes Charlene and Ruby down to the secret cove for a photo and video shoot I knew I was in for a real treat.

Beach Model Micro Bikini Girls Charlene and Ruby Get Naughty At The Beach 

These nasty girls were all over each other in the car as we drove down to the beach cove. When I tossed them a pink and a white mini micro bikini they stripped naked and put the tiny thong bikinis on.Right off the bat Ruby was pulling Charlene’s bikini top to the side and exposing her awesome perky boobs. These two lesbian hotties looked so incredible as they rubbed and stroked each others tight bodies in the hot California sun. Ruby leaned over and kissed Charlene as she squeezed her little tits. They swapped spit for a few minutes. I practically had to pry them apart to continued with the shoot.Charlene bent over big and Ruby licked her ass as she pulled her butt cheeks open wide. What incredible butt spokes on this babe. That micro thong doesn’t cover much of anything, does it? Once they were back on their feet Ruby reached around and pulled Charlene’s micro bikini bottoms up between her smooth shaved pussy lips to make a fantastic camel toe snatch. Charlene just gave me a big, innocent smile as she put her finger in her mouth.

Another make out session ensued before Charlene returned the camel toe pull on Ruby. These two naughty sex kittens looked so amazing. To finish up the shoot Charlene had some fun playing with Ruby’s stunning ass. She pushed, pulled, spanked, and licked Ruby’s amazing round ass as the string thong disappeared between her pussy lips and ass crack.

Lesbian Micro Bikini Babes Play On The Beach 

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