Nov 07

 Sexy blonde bikini babe Nevaeh came over for some more crazy, sexy micro bikini fun at the pool today.

Young Bikini Babe Nevaeh Looks Hot & Sexy In Her Sheer Micro Bikini

Sexy bikini hottie Nevaeh wanted to try out more of my tiny micro thong bikinis. I just could not say no. She said that these itsy bitsy bikinis made her feel so sexy and she just could not get enough of them.

I gave Nevaeh this awesome sheer pink micro bikini. She had her clothes off in a flash and changed into it. She oiled up her sexy body and laid back on the pool lounge and spread her legs. Oh what a camel toe her shaved pussy made as she spread her legs. She laughed as she pulled the bikini bottom in and out from between her tight slit.

The tiny thong bikini bottom pretty much disappeared between her ass cheeks & pussy lips as she got on her hands and knees. Quite a site to see. Nevaeh pushed, pulled, yanked, and stretched that little bikini every way possible to expose all that she had to offer. Finally she took the bikini off and posed completely nude giving me some great views of her awesome, tight shaved pussy.

Sexy Bikini Girl Nevaeh Shows Her Perfect Ass And Pussy Lips Bent Over

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