Oct 26

When Dylan offered to wash and detail my Ferrari if she could go for a swim afterwards I was like Hell Yeah! Get your hot ass over here and get started.

Dylan details my car in her bikini, takes a swim, then fucks my roommate.

She was dressed in her shiny blue bikini and ready to go at it when she arrived. I gave her the keys and told her to go at it. I watched as she did a great job washing the car. It was great to see her bending over big showing off her awesome round butt as she scrubbed away.

Before too long Dylan was getting hot and sweaty and she took off her bikini top. Her big tits swayed back and forth as she rubbed down the car. She has fantastic big boobs in addition to her killer ass. By the time she was done with the car, Dylan was naked as a Jaybird. She was all wet and sweaty and her tanned skin glistened in the sunshine. I could see that her snatch was shaved bald as an eagle. She gave me some great shots spreading her legs and pulling her ass wide open for me.

Dylan put her bikini back on and headed out to the pool to cool off. She relaxed and floated around for a while. I brought her out a big glass of lemonade. As I handed it to her she grabbed my hand and pulled me to the edge of the pool. She said that she was horny as hell and she grabbed my crotch.

I pulled her out of the pool, carried her into the bedroom and through her on the bed. She sucked my cock as I pulled off her bikini. I slapped her ass and fingered her shaved pussy as I fucked her face fast and hard. I ate her pussy and fucked her for hours it seemed. We both collapsed and fell to sleep until morning. Now, that was the best damn car wash I have ever had.

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