Oct 22

On this beautiful hot & sunny day in Miami, Molly and Kylie took their to the next level.

Kylie love girls and girls love Kylie. She is one beautiful lesbian bikini babe.

These two gorgeous fine ass lezzies got hot, nasty and steamy by the pool. Molly did not wait to start licking and sucking on Kylie’s wonderful tits and nipples, and Kyley returned the favor by sucking on Molly’s clit and dripping wet pussy, all while drinking some fine wine and eating tropical fruits.

Later the cunt feast moved on to a lounge chair for a good old fashioned 69 pussy eating fest with Molly on top. She looked awesome arching her back and sticking that glorious butt up high in the air. Molly’s awesome shaved pussy looked awesome and Kylie shoved her tongue deep inside her juicy snatch.

Kilie was having such a great time that she came then and there. They both gave each other multiple orgasms until they collapsed and fell asleep on the deck. This was definitely a good ass licking lesson.

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