Apr 08

Samantha From Bikini-Dare Looks Hot In This Sheer Mesh Micro Bikini

Sexy bikini babe Samantha is looking very hot in this black sheer mesh micro bikini at the beach. I almost like these sheer swim suits better than the invisible one string bikinis. It gives a sense of being able to get a peek at something that you shouldn’t. Maybe its just me. I think it is extra sexy.

You may remember that Samantha has a tattoo on her firm tanned ass. It says Made In Holland. I am not much for tattoos but I kind of like that one. We get a clear view of her tattoo and everything else as she lays on her stomach in the ocean surf. The thong bikini bottom does not hide much of anything. We get a clear view of her nasty butt spokes.

I don’t know about you but, I am sure ready for summer. I can’t wait.

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