Apr 04

Dido Is A Hot Blonde Teen Bikini Girl Getting Nude And Masturbating

This cute little teen bikini girl is very very nasty. Dido is her name and she loves to masturbate. She waits until her mom and dad leave for the day and she takes off her black and white stripped bikini in her bedroom.

She fantasizes about the captain of the football team at school as she rubs and squeezes her firm little teen tits and makes her nipples hard. She imagines that he is right there watching as she bends over on her hands and knees while pulling down her bikini bottom.

Dido imagines that he is fingering her cunt as she plunges her own fingers deep into her pussy. She grabs a vibrator dildo and licks and sucks it slowly as she thinks about his big cock. She rolls over and inserts the dildo into her smooth shaved pussy as she pretends that her football hero is fucking her to orgasm.

Maybe next weekend it will be for real. For right now Dido is in her own fantasy world giving it to herself and dreaming of the real experience.

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