Nov 20

Nudes-a-poppin 2007 wet t-shirt contest

Here is a gallery of pictures form the wet t-shirt contest at Nudes-A-Poppin 2007. See what the photographer from Nebraska Coeds has to say about the competition:

Here are some more FRESH pics from Nudes-A-Poppin!… We spent all weekend south of Chicago, in a small town called Roselawn, Indiana. Where we attended the annual ‘Nudes-a-Poppin’ contest. For those of you who do not know, Nudes a Poppin is a Contest for Strippers, that is held at a Nudist Resort… Thousands of people show up every year for this event! Everyone there is welcome to bring a camera and take photos of all the naked girls!… But you can’t use the photos of the main contest, So, Here are the photos tat we took of the Amateur Contest, which is a wet t-shirt portion of the event, that basically just has girls that are horny from watching the contest, showing off their own bodies for the crowds. This is one of my favorite events.

For more wild college party girl action, see what Nebraska Coeds has to offer. Click Here Now!

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  1. Megan Jameson Says:

    I was at the event the yer before 2006. I had a blast and looking forward to 2010. – Megan

  2. fucky mcfuckpants Says:


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