Nov 09


I really love Stephania’s hot tan bikini body. She really knows how to pose and show off her assets. She loves to pull her tiny micro bikini bottoms up tight to show her sweet camel toe and down to show her incredible ass. I can just never get enough of this hot bikini beauty. Read the photographers comments below:

Stephania is one of my best thong bikini girls and she has modeled a variety of risque micro thongs for me. She has done the thong bikini, micro thong bikini, mini micro thong bikini, slingshot peek a boo one piece thong, thong bikini peek a boo thong and a few more that I can’t remember.

Stephania was also one cool girl. She had a real good head on her shoulders too. She also loved to model the bikinis in front of other people! I think she got a big kick out of it because she loved the attention she received from all the beach goers that would be checking out her tits & ass and drooling all over themselves.

She surely tried to get me all worked up and play mind games with me during the shoot. She would say and do stuff like: “Hey how does my ass look when I do this?” She would then spread her legs and bend over, arch her back and stick her crotch area out as far as she could. I nearly fainted! Her ass was so close to my face I could almost taste it! Preview more thong models here.

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